“Digital Flower”

Gosia in China 1 044Made by: Philip F. Yuan, Shanghai, China (Photo: Gosia Głowacka April 2013)

Digital Flower was created during Digital FUTURE Workshop 2012 in Shanghai at the Tongji University by the leader Philip F. Yuan. He finished a series of “Digital Garden” projects with the help of workshop’s instructors and students. The series of “Digital Garden” projects are composed of four projects: “Digital Flower” is a landscape installation at the entrance of MoCA’s front square, it combines mathematical complexity with functionality of form, multi-dimensional space and abstract nature, it shows the designer understands for the garden of the future. “Mechanical Garden” is an interactive wall made by steel flowers at the gate of MoCA, it simulates a real garden with the use of Arduino technology; “Terrace Canopy” is a hanging net, which weaves a new relation between the city and the garden; “Terrace Landscape” is a landscape installation among the chairs on the terrace. Walking through the garden, people will be immersed in this multi-dimensional experience which takes them beyond the traditional understanding of beauty.

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