“Mural on Piotrkowska”

spacer po Łodzi 003-2Made by: members of Design Futura group, Lodz, Poland (Photo: Gosia Głowacka, January 2013)

Mural on Piotrkowska – a mural located in Lodz on the wall of the building at 152 Piotrkowska Street.

The idea to paint such a large mural was born in 2000 during the event “Colorful Tolerance”. The idea for this painting, which occupies 600 square meters, was approved in August 2001. Work on it started in September, and the whole project was completed on November 26. Initially the mural was designed under a working title “Boat Victorious,” showing a ship sailing on the ocean shortly after winning a battle with another, already sinking, ship. This idea, however, was modified, as initially seen as ”not urban enough, with too few elements typically associated with Piotrkowska Street“. The authors of the giant mural are members of Design Futura. To create it, 30m wide and 20m high, they used about 2,000 cans of spray paint. When finished in 2001, it was the largest mural in the world at the time, and today remains among the largest graffiti murals in Europe.

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