“Power of nature”

Monument of Women power, Doha 098

Sculptor: Lorenzo Quinn, Doha, Qatar (Photo: Gosia Głowacka April 2014)

The power of nature (sculptures were set up in many countries, starting with England and the USA and ending with Monaco and Singapore). The monument from the above photo is located in the Qatar amphitheatre in Doha, Qatar.

Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn witnessed the destructive power of the hurricane in Thailand, southern parts of the USA and many other places around the world. Inspired by these events, he decided to create a series of sculptures. Built of bronze, stainless steel and aluminum, full of life and energy, the personifications of Mother Nature – make the Earth rotate. The monuments are meant to remind us of the power of nature and what Quinn describes as “a false sense of security”. They show that at any given moment the anger of nature can be awakened, bringing with it sudden destruction.

(Source: https://kukulturze.pl)


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