Mural”Chopin in Warsaw”


Project: Krzysztof Bagiński, Warsaw/Poland (Photo: Monika Saczyńska, 18. Mai 2013)

The mural “Chopin in Warsaw” was painted on the east wall of the house Górnośląska 8. It was fulfilled by Goodloking Studio as a part of the Warsaw City’s campaign ‘Frederic in Warsaw 200 years from a great move’. The target of the campaign was to remember that Chopin was deeply connected with Warsaw, where he spend the half part of his life (it means 20 years). He commended in his last will that his heart should rest in Warsaw (There is the urn with the Chopin’s heart in the Saint Cross Church, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street 3). The idea of Bagiński’s project was using simple symbols which were unambiguously connected with Chopin (a piano) and Warsaw (the Palace of Culture and Science).

(On the photo we can see a little “bonus”. The tooth, which was painted in the bottom part of the work, is a mark of vandalisem)

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