Chopin murals at Tamka

Made by.: Marcin Urbanek, project:: collective work, Warsaw, Poland (Phot. Monika Saczyńska, August 12, 2012)

Two big murals were created on the walls of the Tamka 37 House (the mural-map) and the Kopczyński 5/7 House (the mural-comic book) by the Frederic Chopin’s Museum in Warsaw. The unveiling of the murals took place on 25th June 2010 and it was one of many events which commemorated Chopin’s Year in Warsaw. Both projects were effects of the Warsaw City’s campaign ‘Frederic in Warsaw 200 years from a great move’.  The artworks are an homage paid by Warsaw street-art artists to Frederic Chopin. The project’s aim was to show Chopin, associated with – first of all – high culture, in a way attractive for young people.

The artworks will remain on the buildings for at least 5 years to come.

The comic book mural (Tamka Street 37, by a fountain Złota Kaczka)

A composition contains 18 works designed by various artists from whole world. The artwork in collage style shows the composer in the company of persons and stories from his life or objects commonly associated with him: George Sand, a Japan tourist, Napoleon Bonaparte as well as the planetoid called after the composer. Artists did not know – during their work – in which part of “comic book” would take place their project.

The map mural (Kopczyńskiego Street 5/7)

The artwork is the audacious portrait of Frederic Chopin walking on Tamka Street. A big map of Warsaw is depicted in the place of his head.Chopin’s map-head, divided by Vistula, is filled with the persons associated with his life. The left side shows the Warsaw’s life of Chopin and the right side describes subsequent part of Chopin’s life.

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