“Der Auseinandersetzer”

Made by: Guillermo Steinbrüggen, the Nordermole in Travemünde, Germany (Photo: Alice Ochmann, 27.02.2016)

The marble sculpture of Guillermo Steinbrüggen is situated on the Nordermole in Travemünde. The statue of a man carries a massive stone block, that has been moved with a determined effort from its base. So in the first place the title “Der Auseinandersetzer” (what means to put something apart or to deal with something) can be understood literally, but the work is also about peoples inner thougts. Therefore, the man whose eyes are closed to express his introversion, is at the same time a symbol of the inner struggles and fightings that everyone must deal with on their own.

Guillermo Steinbrüggen was born in 1952 in Vigo, Spain. Now he lives and works in Lübeck, Germany.

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