Made by: Ludwig Kunstmann,  Lübeck-Travemünde, Am Leuchtenfeld 12, Germany (Photo: Alice Ochmann, 27.02.2016)

Ceramic statue of a sea-navigator from 1924

The statue is placed in front of the pilotage traffic centre in Lübeck-Travemünde. The pilot guards the entrance to the Baltic Sea at this point. He wears the typical seafarers’ clothes: a woolen sweater, high rubber boots and a southwester that protects his head and neck from the rain water. The grim-faced man with a beard is looking at the mouth of the Trave River.

In 1924 the statue was originally placed at the corner of the Kurgartenhaus. In the 1960s the statue was removed due to reconstruction work and then was missing. In 1993 the statue was rediscovered and restored.  Ever since the larger than life-size statue has been guarding at this point the Baltic Sea entry.

Technic: Ceramic


Ludwig Kunstmann (* 1877 Regensburg, † 1961 Hamburg)

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