The fountain of marble to memorize Giovanni Falcone

20160313_142415Made in 2001/2002,Savignano sul Panaro prov. Modena,  Italy (Photo: Jolanta Kruszka, 13.03.2016)

In Italy, in the region of Emilia Romagna, the province of Modena is a small town called Savignano sul Panaro.  There is a fountain on the central square, named after Giovanni Falcone, an law officer murdered by the mafia. It has a symbolic meaning. The critic Vladimir Zocca wrote about it: “An architectural composition which shows, how the memory of the sacrified life for the defense of the right to freedom, can enrich the society”.
The symbolism of the fountain is as clear as the water that covers the labyrinth – the symbol of mafia’s intrigue. A girl who is released from the labyrinth is a sign of hope and victory. The drawn up hands holding a pomegranate – a mythical symbol of immortality and rebirth.

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