“Bear Uszatek”(oryg. “Miś Uszatek”)

spacer po Łodzi 017.JPGArtistic design: Zbigniew Rychlicki, sculpture by Magdalena Walczak and Marcin Mielczarek,  87 Piotrkowska Str., Lodz, Poland (Photo: Gosia Głowacka, 23.01.2013)

Fairytale Lodz – a project which created a family hiking trail in the city of Lodz. The trail is accompanied by small statues depicting characters from children’s TV series and movies of the studios Small Film Forms Se-ma-for. Ultimately, the “Lodz Fairy-tale” had created 17 sculptures cast in bronze. In the years 2009-2015 nine monuments were created. The project also issued a local coin “Lodz” with portraits of some fairy-tale characters.

Bear Uszatek is presented here as a tourist: wearing a backpack and in his left paw he holds a town plan. The sculpture is less than a meter tall and weighs 60 kg. The unveiling took place under the slogan “Lodz likes a teddy bear.” It also appears on the cover of maps held by the bear. Deputy Mayor of Lodz, Włodzimierz Tomaszewski, performed the unveiling.

At the beginning of January 2010 Uszatek lost his left paw. Probably the sculpture was caught by a snowplow. The paw had been found and the monument repaired. The Teddy Bear had been showing for a time in the display-window of Tourist Information Centre. May 16, 2010, during the Feast of Lodz, the monument was relocated onto the Piotrkowska street again. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Mayor of Lodz Wieslaw Zewald.

November 4, 2013, for the time of renovation of Piotrowska Street, the monument was dismantled and moved to the headquarters of the Tourist Information Centre. November 13, 2013 again placed into the CIT display-window. May 20, 2014 the monument returned to his place, accompanied by the official unveiling. Until then, the figure of the bear has been cleared, covered with patine and fitted with a new nose.

(source: Wikipedia)

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  1. I would like to contact Magdalena Walczak. E-Mail address or WhatsApp. Can you help me please with it?


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