“Opera on demand”

MysterySinger1Performance Artist: Anna Samborska (artistic nickname: Bernal Opera), Hunters Point, San Francisco, USA (Photo: Charles Leonard, 18.10. 2015)

The happening “Opera on Demand” was performed by Anna Samborska, surrounded by a mysterious aura, since she was not well known at the time of the performance, which lasted 7 hours. During this time 21 arias including Tosca, Carmen, Queen of the Night, Brunhilda (Wagner), Lucia di Lammermoor and Pat Nixon’s aria from the opera Nixon in China (John Adams) were sung on the request of the audience. The location was the shipyard buildung on the naval base Hunters Point during the Open Days (Open Studios). The place turned out to be perfect because of the acoustics, informal atmosphere, quiet flow of visitors, the possibility of direct interaction and lack of pressure to sell anything. Most people treated the figure in red as an installation, but many asked for their favorite arias or wanted the artist to choose something for them. It was given the impression that for many it was a unique experience.

The figure in red is the symbol of art which thrives in Hunters Point – the largest artist community in the world. It has over 200 art studios of both professional and amateur artists of various fields. The artist has been there since 2002.

_____________________________________________________________________   Anna Samborska explores many creative fields: visual arts, installation and photography.  As the founder of Bernal Opera she performs in house concerts, street concerts and also leads vocal workshops.  She lives in Bernal Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco. She is also an author, writer and translator..

Bernal Opera blog: www.bernalopera.wordpress.com www.annasamborska.com.


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