“Monument of Smile”

235.Lwów 4-9.07.2003Made by: Oleg Diergaczow, cafe”Dzyga” in Lviv, The Ukraine (Photo: Gosia Głowacka, July 2003)

The Monument of Smile is located in Lviv in front of the cafe “Dzyga” in the Armenian Street. It is a very unique monument in the world. Although you can also find a monument to smile in Libiąż near Chrzanów, similar to this in Lviv is only one in the world. The author of this sculpture is well known cartoonist Oleg Diergaczow.

The sculpture shows the smiling fish, which lies on a concrete pedestal. Instead of fin, this fish has been equipped with human hands. This monument is one of the smallest in Lviv. Its height with the pedestal reaches somewhere around one meter. Every seven years, the monument is replaced by a new one and each of them smiles on its own specific way.

However, the most pleasant is that all the people who see this sculpture for the first time, mandatory are smiling 🙂 :).



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