DSC04845 Project: Julita Wojcik, Brussels, Belgium / Warsaw, Poland (Photo: Monika Saczyńska, September 23, 2012)

The installation is a multi-coloured arc (height. 9 m., Width. 26 m.) inspired by the optical phenomenon of a rainbow. It originally consisted of 16 thousand artificial flowers in different colours, fixed on a metal frame. The flowers were made in 2011 by Spółdzielnia Rękodzieła Artystycznego „Tęcza”. The installation was made by Julita Wójcik on commission from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

In 2011-2012 it was presented as one of the three artistic works of Polish artists within the project “Fossils and Gardens”, which was part of the International Cultural Programme of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2011 in Brussels (Belgium). In 2012-2015 it was relocated to Warsaw (Poland).

The artist emphasized the multiple symbolism of the rainbow and its aesthetic qualities. However, she did not want the work to have a social or political context or meaning but that it was simply just beautiful. Part of the Polish catholic clergy also emphasized the biblical symbolism of the rainbow (a sign of God’s covenant with the people). However, conservative associations perceived the “Rainbow” as an shocking object and symbol of immorality connecting it to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. In 2014, opponents of the “Rainbow” organized a picket prayer on Zbawiciela Square in Warsaw.  The “Rainbow” became an object of strong controversy  and had been burned seven times.

For her work Julita Wójcik was nominated as the Person of Culture of the Year 2012, sponsored by Polish Radio Program III; in January 2013, she was awarded the “Passport of Policy” in the category of visual arts sponsored by the weekly magazine “Polityka”.

From 24. September to 2. December 2011 the “Rainbow” was exposed in front of the European Parliament building in Brussels. 8. June 2012 the installation was moved to Warsaw – on Zbawiciel Square, where it remained for over 3 years. It was dismantled during the night from 26. to 27. August 2015. The removed piece is to be forwarded to the Centre for Contemporary Art, and set again as part of its collection.


Every storm will have its end and the world is becoming again beautiful and colorful,
Let’s hope that dark political cloud will move away soon and  nice weather with the beautiful rainbow will show up again.


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