“We Have the Power”

DSCF0032.JPGMade by:INO, Port of Piraeus, Athens, Greece (Photo:. Gosia Głowacka, 04.04.2016)

Greek visual artist iNO created this mural on the center of Piraeus Port, one of the largest seaports in the Mediteranean sea located in Greece. The artist was interviewed by the National Geographic staff and the mural creation procedure was filmed for an upcoming documentary. The artwork is entitled “We Have The Power” and is depicting a child looking up at a huge portrait of the ancient philosopher Democritus. Knowledge is power.


An educated society has power, which no devious hypocrite will be able to destroy by trying to impose his will. A society in which the level of education is low is more prone to manipulation and to unrealistic promises of populists. Therefore, such a society can be easily manipulated and used by cynical political players and representatives of religious associations or churches. Let’s educate ourselves and the others – May the Force be with us!.

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