“Molecule Man”

DSC03087_12_04_2015Project: Jonathan Borofsky, Berlin, Germany (Photo: Monika Saczyńska, 12 April 2015)

“Molecule Man” is a series of aluminium sculptures, designed by American artist Jonathan Borofsky, installed at various locations in the world, including Berlin, Germany, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA.

The first Molecule Man sculptures were made in 1977 and 1978 in Los Angeles, USA. The sculptures consist of three humans leaning towards each other, the bodies of which are filled with hundreds of holes, the holes representative of “the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence”. A related sculpture is the “Hammering Man”.

(source: Wikipedia)


Nothing happens without a reason. Many years of neglect in education or building good relations within a society, equal opportunities and living standards resulting in increased susceptibility to populists, waking up all kinds of fundamentalism and increasing of radical attitude as well as envy between people. However, we all create tissue called society, and by acting together we contribute to our own personal growth.

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