“The Greth Shell Fountain”

Sculpture: Rolf Brem, Zug, Schwizerland (Photo: Gosia Glowacka, 11.05.2016)

The woman who had to carry her drunken husband home

This fountain lies opposite the Liebfrauenkapelle (Chapel of Our Lady). You cannot miss the splashing sound as you approach this picturesque location.

Every year on the occasion of Fasnacht Monday the Guild of Carpenters, Turners and Coopers re-enact the Greth Schell story. Local children enjoy oranges and bread rolls distributed to them on the occasion. The origins of this carnival custom and of the fountain date well back into the 17th century. There are many legends told about the historical figure Margaret Schell, who often had to carry her drunk husband, Peter Schell, home.

The story behind it is actually about a woman called Greth Schell (as in the sculpture) who has to carry home her drunken husband, as he is dressed in his jester’s hat and bearing a rod.
Poland, how long will you still have to carry on your shoulders political clowns, drunk from too much power and feel ashamed because of that?

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