“Commemorative installation of work of Zbigniew Lengren”

torun_filus_2012_10_20Made by: Zbigniew Mikielewicz, Torun, Poland (Photo: Monika Saczyńska, 20.10.2012)

The sculpture is located on the Old Town Square at the entrance of Chełmińska Street. Unveiled in 2005, the installation exhibits a dog holding  a bowler hat in its mouth while sitting adjacent to an umbrella perched against a lantern. It was dedicated to the memory of the cartoonist  Zbigniew Lengren, who spent  his childhood and youth in Torun. He graduated from University of Nicolaus Copernicus with a degree in Fine Arts. The installation reveals the dog Filuś, an inseparable companion of Professor Filutek. Both characters are the protagonists of an excellent series of satirical stories drawn by Lengren and published in the weekly magazine “Przekrój” from 1946.


A cat, inseparable companion of one president and his host slowly become protagonists of satire. but in this case it is political satire. That’s why they can never await to be protagonists of commemorative installation.

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