“Black protest”

14958725_10211012114445601_886304184_n                                               Made by: Marta Frej, Warsaw, Poland (Photo: Jakub Kosiorek, listopad 2016)

The mural is by Marta Frej. It commemorates the protests against the proposed bill that would ban all abortions submitted to the Polish Parliament by members of “Ordo Juris”.

There were several events organized in October 2016 including the Black Protest, the Dignity March, the Women’s Strike. Signatures were collected voicing the opposition to the proposed amendments of the already very restrictive abortion law.

“The Black Protest, the Dignity March and the Women’s Strike involved several hundred thousand women and their families standing together in the defense of women’s dignity, health and life,” says Weronika Paszewska of Akcja Demokracja.
“Almost a thousand people supported the idea to commemorate those events by donating money for a large mural. It will remind everyone that women in Poland will keep fighting for their dignity and will not let arrogant politicians limit their rights.”
I am a WOMAN – I HAVE THE RIGHT to live with dignity and myself decide for myself.

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