“Do It Yourself”

Artist: Eugeniusz Get Stankiewicz, Wrocław, wall of the building “Jaś”, Poland (Photo: Alicja Molenda, January 2017)

The work was created in 1977 and is one of the most recognizable and controversial works of outstanding artist Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz from Wroclaw. Artist fastened to canvas a wooden cross, the figure of Christ and the three nails with a description “zrob to sam / do it yourself.” This composition in that form indeed compels a man to reflect on their own responsibility for the crucifixion of Christ or even can lead to questions about whether his own attitude (especially passive) against the atrocities of war or involuntary neighbor’s poverty does not contribute to the death of other innocent people.

Taking under consideration the contemporary situation in the world this set is almost a must in every Catholic home as well and non-Catholic


telephone1Artist: Anna Samborska, Hunters Point Shipyard – San Francisco, USA (Photo: Anna Samborska, 18.10.2015)

During the last Open Studios an artist Anna Samborska decided to refer to the history of building 115, which used to be a training school for submarine crews. The place has not changed much since the 1950’s; it has not been renovated in a long time, as condemned to demolition. A  sailor cut-out has been placed it in a storage closet, which used to be a telephone booth. Some other spaces, including the room which used to house a submarine training pressure tank, have been also opened and lit up .
The reactions were very positive – people visited the building, wanted to know its history, looked in various nooks and crannies, took pictures. They appreciated the remarkable place, which will soon disappear.
*Anna Samborska explores many creative fields: visual arts, installation and photography.  As the founder of Bernal Opera she performs in house concerts, street concerts and also leads vocal workshops.  She lives in Bernal Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco. She is also an author, writer and translator..
Bernal Opera blog: www.bernalopera.wordpress.com www.annasamborska.com.


“Hello, it’s me
Do you recognize?
Hello it’s me
What happened? “-  Connection is broken … On the other side Agata hung up the phone with disgust.
“- Who it was?”
“- It’s only a Ballpoint pen from prison. He thinks that he lost at our place his pen refill. Come on Kinga, we’re going on a Woody Allen movie.”
(Year 2020)