telephone1Artist: Anna Samborska, Hunters Point Shipyard – San Francisco, USA (Photo: Anna Samborska, 18.10.2015)

During the last Open Studios an artist Anna Samborska decided to refer to the history of building 115, which used to be a training school for submarine crews. The place has not changed much since the 1950’s; it has not been renovated in a long time, as condemned to demolition. A  sailor cut-out has been placed it in a storage closet, which used to be a telephone booth. Some other spaces, including the room which used to house a submarine training pressure tank, have been also opened and lit up .
The reactions were very positive – people visited the building, wanted to know its history, looked in various nooks and crannies, took pictures. They appreciated the remarkable place, which will soon disappear.
*Anna Samborska explores many creative fields: visual arts, installation and photography.  As the founder of Bernal Opera she performs in house concerts, street concerts and also leads vocal workshops.  She lives in Bernal Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco. She is also an author, writer and translator..
Bernal Opera blog: www.bernalopera.wordpress.com www.annasamborska.com.


“Hello, it’s me
Do you recognize?
Hello it’s me
What happened? “-  Connection is broken … On the other side Agata hung up the phone with disgust.
“- Who it was?”
“- It’s only a Ballpoint pen from prison. He thinks that he lost at our place his pen refill. Come on Kinga, we’re going on a Woody Allen movie.”
(Year 2020)

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