“Southern Song dynasty”

DSC_0812.JPGSculptor: Mr Sun Yat-sen, Hangzhou, Chiny (Photo: Gosia Glowacka, 18.04.2013)

A family of four generations on the junction of Zhongshan road and Xihu Avenue is one of the most popular scenes on the street. Created based on a picture of a big family that used to live on Zhongshan road, the sculpture is comprised of 32 family members at different ages posing before a camera with big smiles on their faces. Tourists are likely to be seen posing as a family member and taking photos.

(source: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/m/hangzhou/e/2009-12/30/content_9248801.htm)


What a wonderful treasure have those, who love and are loved by their own family, and are not just nice posing to photos …