“Angel on the go”

DSC_20170512143419680.jpgSculpturer: Marek Sułek, Warsaw, Poland (Photo: Dariusz Kornacki, 12.05.2017 r.)

The sculpture of an angel was set in front of the Warsaw East Railway Station building at 16 Kijowska Street, in the Praga Północ district.

Work was created as one of the planned larger cycle of sculptures “City of Angels”. On a small pedestal stays a big form of an angel prepared for travel – what is indicated by a small suitcase. Its author is Marek Sułek – a sculptor from nearby Kamionka.

The partner of the action is the Cultural Department of the Praga Północ District Office.

The sculpture was set up at the end of May 2012 what was connected with the completion of the renovation of the Eastern Railway Station. Van den Berg Art Gallery overtook the care of this angel.


“Great little man
Broken as proud and proud as a peacock
Great little man ”
Prophet of good change, uncertain matters
It’s time to go…

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