“Warsaw Mermaid Monument”

DSC_0359Sculptor: Konstanty Hegl, Warsaw, Poland (Photo: Gosia Głowacka, 26.04.2012)

Warsaw Mermaid Monument – located on the Old Town Square .

It represents the symbol of the Polish capital city. This monument is made from bronze, measures 2.5 m. and was made by Konstanty Hegel. The original monument before the destruction weighed 1206 kg, and the employees of the Brothers Łopieńscy company have made it in 2700 man-hours. During World War II, the monument was damaged. In 1951 a broken sword, left hand and shield were made in the foundry of the Łopieński Brothers. Due to numerous damages the sculpture was refurbished in 2008


It is time to show in Warsaw the wrath of women and man for breaking human and democracy rights. We have the power! June 10, 2017