“The world is standing on its head…”

unnamedSopot (next to the Georgian restaurant), Poland (photo Arkadiusz Lewandowski, 09.2015)

“The world is on its head. The vampire will teach me how to deal with people.”

Andrzej Sapkowski (from the book “Baptism of Fire”)


To paraphrase: Today an old bachelor wants me to impose a model of a family I have to have, although he never had one himself,
The priest wants to teach me how to love my husband / boyfriend, even though he himself has made the vows of purity in theory, so there is no point in it,
The offender makes law,
Multiple liar and thief teaches morals,
Old lady, whose best years of her life have gone long time ago, wants to rummage in my pants, peek under my quilt, decide what my family should look like,
A doctor who has carried hundreds if not thousands of abortions today is a roaring enemy of it,
The idiot governs the country and the sociaty instead of blow him away in an unfathomable history applaud him and call him “Chief of State”.
The government wants to punish the deaths of rapists judged by courts of other countries, and indigenous criminals for the same offenses are allowed to go free.