“Monument of the Pawiak Tree”

Warszawa z Jose 029Warszawa z Jose 036Warsaw, Poland (photo: Gosia Glowacka, 22.08.2014)

A white elm – the witness to human suffering, heroism and crime – was the only thing that kept standing, apart from a fragment of the gate, when the Nazis blew up the Pawiak prison in Warsaw on August 21st 1944. The first plaques with the names of victims, nailed by the family members directly to the tree’s bark, started appearing in early 1945. In 1984 the tree died as the result of Dutch Elm Disease. In 1992-1993 it was preserved, by means of saturating the upper part with chemical preservatives and securing the roots with a concrete rebar structure. Smaller branches were trimmed. A special hoop was made to which the board with plaques was affixed. Thanks to these means the tree kept standing for another 11 years. In 2004 three conservation expert committees declared the tree unsalvageable and decided to replace it with a bronze copy.

The rendition of this unique monument was financed by the City of Warsaw and the Office of the Marshall of the Mazovian Voivoship. The work was executed at the 200- year old Machinery Works in Gliwice*, experienced in technical and artistic casts. The masters of the tradecreated an original and beautiful sculpture combining historical value with high artistry. It was also in Gliwice that they made a new railing surrounding the monument, which again supported the plaques revitalized in the workshop of Sławomir Szubko. He carefully recreated the shapes, colors and the lettering of the originals.

On June 8th 2005 the Monument of the Pawiak Tree was unveiled.

(Source: “Niepodległość i pamięć”, issue 22/2006)

 *Gliwickie Zakłady Urządzeń Technicznych S.A.


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