“The bas relief of breasts”

23798748_2168406453185467_950321182_oArtist: Unknown Sculptor (US), Amsterdam, Netherlands (Photo: Jolanta Kruszka, May 2017)

The bas relief of breasts was made by the famous Amsterdam sculptor, the Unknown Sculptor (US). It has been built into a sidewalk at one night in 1993. Made of bronze, it is one of the remarkable Amsterdam works made by the Unknown Sculptor (US).

It has been speculated for years about US’s identity. Some thought him to be one of the old masters, but he – after many years of gossip – denied it. The City office once said US was a doctor. Still, the strongest path leads to queen Beatrix (a duchess now, after stepping down from the throne in favour of her son, Willem Alexander). Her talents are well known. Offering such important objects of art to the city (not only artistic but also very expensive, probably the reason why US could keep hers/his anonymity) requires not only experts and permissions, but also a lot of infrastructure for the installation.


Why does the “rotten West” see in women a human being, mother, daughter, wife, lover? Who are not only due respect but also require protection under the law, since they are usually physically weaker than men and are more often victims of physical violence.

Unfortunately, according to the pseudo- catholics of Poland, a woman is a live incubator, without any rights and any self-determination.  Is it perhaps a set of very deeply set complexes which makes it so hard for some men to understand that they may perhaps rule over socks, but not shape the family life of another human being? When someone accuses me of supporting the murder of unborn – I say: When you don’t know what to do, occupy yourself with your yard.