“The Wonderful Adventures”

IMG-20180818-WA0011 ÖlandÖland, Sweden (fot. Gosia Sachse vel. Głowacka 18.08.2018)

The book is about a young lad, Nils Holgersson, whose “chief delight was to eat and sleep, and after that he liked best to make mischief”. He takes great delight in hurting the animals in his family farm. Nils captures a tomte in a net while his family is at church and have left him home to memorize chapters from the Bible. The tomte proposes to Nils that if Nils frees him, the tomte will give him a huge gold coin. Nils rejects the offer and the tomte turns Nils into a tomte, which leaves him shrunken and able to talk with animals, who are thrilled to see the boy reduced to their size and are angry and hungry for revenge.

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The plot of another novel takes place in the first half of the 21st century. The protagonist of the story, 70-year-old Jarek, lives in a heavily guarded villa in one of the Polish metropolises. The old man has a bad character and does not listen to anyone: neither the disabled, nor teachers, lawyers, doctors and ordinary citizens. He fuels hatred, divides people who are starting to faight against each other and lies without end. Unfortunately, one day he steals the Golden Grail, which gives him great power over the inhabitants of his country. The old man is surrounded by faithful sorcerers who, with their spells, protect him from any consequences of his wicked conduct in the country he lives in. One day, an awful old man decides to deceive a foreigner. He does not realize, however, that behind this resident are powerful sorcerers from his country, who, using appropriate spells, turn the bad old man into a common man without Grail and bring him to the dock in a distant country, where the old man is to be tried for fraud. When the old man goes outside, the people who had previously been defenseless victims of his “games”, are now trying to take revenge on the defenseless old man…tbc..