“Crooked House”

Architects: Szczepan Szotyński, Maciej Łapkowski, Małgorzata Kruszko-Szotyńska, Leszek Zaleski, Anna Dubicka-Sawicka, Agnieszka Kolka, Robert Mielniczek, Sopot, Poland (Photo Aneta Głowacka, 25.05.2019)

Crooked House – was built in Sopot at 53 Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street, designed by architects Szotyński and Zaleski, inspired by drawings by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. The construction of the “House” began in 2003 and was completed in 2004. The building is a part of the “Resident” Shopping Centre. On the ground floor there are commercial premises, a restaurant, bars, sushi, café Costa, a beauty and body Shape Garden modeling salon and a games room. The building is also the seat of the regional branch of Radio RMF FM and Radio RMF Maxxx.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Poland – my home. Once delightful with its beauty – now it stands slightly bent, a few windows have been crashed with baseball sticks, the parson has sat down in the living room and consumes all the household’s supplies without a moment of consideration, frightened children hide themselves in the corners so as not to be seen by the priest who sows fear and havoc. The son of the neighbours makes a big bang in the courtyard shouting: “Poland hasn’t died yet…” And only in the young woman’s breast does the wave of anger rise and she slowly clenches her hands in the fist… This is her house and she will make it clean! Her name is “In-de-pen-dent”!