“Tree-Man Monument”

Olka Zagórska-Chabros, SkopjeSkopje, Macedonia (photo: Olka Zagórska-Chabros from the blog “Bałkany według rudej” [“The Balkans According to the Ore”], 22.08.2014).

The Man-Tree Monument was created as part of the “Skopje 2014” project. Its realization began in 2010, when it was officially announced during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Macedonian independence. The main idea of the project was to build about 20 objects: museums, theatres, philharmonic and public buildings and about 50 monuments and fountains, in the very centre of the city, which is not huge at all.

(source: https://balkanyrudej.pl/skopje-2014-projekt-zmieniajacy-rzeczywistosc/)


A human being is part of nature, just as nature should be part of human. In 2019, the fault of this human being was the fire of about 730,000 hectares of forests and savannah in the Amazon, more than 330,000 hectares of rainforest in Indonesia, about 9.5 million hectares of forests in Siberia, about 60 million hectares of forests, thickets and fields in Australia – that is, more than 700,000 km2 of forests, bushes, savannah – green areas in general (an area comparable to that of Germany and Poland combined together) – disappeared from the Earth. Hundreds of millions of animals have disappeared. Let us care for and protect nature – without it we will die.

Below you can find a link to make a donation for a foundation, which rescue wild animals in Australia: