20180729_113512Artist: Heinz Viehweger, Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany (Photo: Gosia Sachse, 29.07.2018)

Space as such is an abstract concept and does not exist. It only becomes apparent through its limitation. The artist managed to achieve this effect by placing two oak columns, thanks to which we can notice the space. In the space created in this way, the author of the installation placed several sculptures that come out of point A and disappear in point B. This has also enabled the artist to highlight space-time from birth to death, from beginning to end. Heiny Viehweger deliberately opted for columns made of oak, as oak is a symbol of strength that comes from the earth. This land, from which we too are born and into which we turn after death.


Freedom, like space, is an abstract concept, which takes on real shapes only when it is limited or taken away from us. Its retrieval often takes tens or hundreds of years and takes hundreds of victims. Let’s be wise – let’s not let ourselves be enslaved by empty promises without cover. Let us love and respect freedom as long as we have it.