“The Sitting boar”

DSCF0110Sculptor: Martin Mayer, Munich, Germany (Photo: Gosia Sachse, 02.05.2017)

The Sitting boar sculpture is a popular sculpture that sits just outside the German Hunting and Fishing Museum, in front of a church on Neuhauser Strasse. It is supposed to attract visitors to the Museum. It’s another one of those bronze statues that locals and tourists like to rub supposedly for good luck.

The boar is perched on a pedestal and its snout has become shiny from all the caressing. The bronze boar by Martin Mayer has been sitting in front of the house since 1976, and in 1982 it was joined by Claus Nageler’s bronze statue of a catfish.


In January this year, scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) sent an open letter to the Prime Minister of Poland, in which they called for withdrawal of the decision on the shooting of feral pigs and implementation of actions aimed at the actual mechanism of spreading the virus causing ASF disease in pigs. According to specialists from the Polish Academy of Sciences, in order to achieve the goal of stopping the ASF epidemic in Poland, “it is urgently necessary to abandon the apparent and costly action, which is the mass shooting of feral pigs. Experts from the State Veterinary Institute in Puławy indicate that all new outbreaks of swine virus infection in Poland are the result of virus transmission by humans”.


On 12.07.2020, a populist, a representative of the ruling party, not adhering to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, blathering one citizen against another,            a dependent person who is only a pen in the hands of the ruling party, which ridicules his country in the international arena, was re-elected as President of the Republic of Poland. The disease called xenophobia, homophobia or, to put it plainly, hatred of one to another, which is currently taking place in Poland, has again been established. The re-election of the current President did not take place honestly, the elections were partly falsified – which does not change the fact that, despite the election protests, he will most likely the President of Poland for the next 5 years. Shortly after the election, the campaign started against those who voted for him (mainly farmers from Podkarpacie, people who are poorly educated and therefore easy to manipulate). However, maybe it would be worthwhile – like scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences appealing to stop shooting wild boars – to look for the real reason that poorly educated people support populists en masse and direct actions there. These reasons are relatively simple: the lack of interest on the part of the intelligentsia, which also includes (at least in part) politicians, the needs and matters that the village lives in, this poor, uneducated, often hindered. Those who manage to look from the heights of national politics at the needs of the Kowalskis and Nowaks from the village of Wąchock and to activate these people and give them tools that will enable them to fulfil their needs – they will win.