“Křemílek a Vochomůrka”

Sculptor: Filip Kubeš, Frymburg, Czech Republic (Photo: Gosia Sachse, 20.05.2018)

Pohádky z mechu a kapradí (English: The Tales of Moss and Fern) is a Czechoslovakian animated children’s television series produced from 1968 to 1979. The series focuses on the adventures of two forest people named Křemílek and Vochomůrka, often dealing with certain problems. It was made by Bratři v triku.

The series first premiered on Czechoslovak Television on October 6, 1968. The first season was shot in black and white, with the remainder of the series being shot in color. Due to its success, a second season spanning 13 episodes was produced in 1970.

In 2014, Česká televize announced plans to colorize the first season by 2017. However, only the first 7 episodes were colorized and shown during 2018, with a 16:9 format being added as well.

(Quelle: Wikipedia)


Once upon a time, low-growing people, commonly known as dwarves, who ruled others, aroused sympathy. And today?