“Human/fish conversation”

Artist: Edeltraut Göpfert, Passau, Germany (Photo: Monika Saczynska, 28.11.2019)

The sculpture is located in Ludwigstraße at the height of the Rupprecht bookstore. Initially, a fountain was planned here, which would have sprayed the water several meters into the air. However, the owners of the houses, who feared the noise of the water splashing onto the pavement, did not like this idea very much. Instead of a fountain, it was therefore decided to go for the “work of art with water” variant. The fountain was installed in the same year after a competition held in 2007. The work, made of granite and bronze, shows the relief of three fish jumping out of the water and a thoughtful man.


Recent months, apart from the fear of COVID-19 infection, have revealed one thing, and that is how easy it is to lose one’s sense of security, one’s life’s possessions, and how much interpersonal relation mean, relations with neighbors who have helped many of us during the forced quarantine. Those who had never cared to build lasting interpersonal ties suddenly began to feel lonely, and pubs that had been bustling with life died screaming with empty tables. Let’s take care of each other – also of the other inhabitants of our planet, if we don’t want to wake up in a reality in which our only audience will be constructions made of metal, reinforced concrete or glass.

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