Artist: Julita Wójcik, Śląski Park in Chorzów, Poland (Photo: Gosia Sachse, 07.04.2018)

The project called Performance of Freedom, within the framework of which Julita Wójcik designed an interactive multimedia installation entitled “Drone”, is one of the first cultural realizations of the Silesian Park Foundation next to the Coolture Container. The sculpture was placed in 2014 on the traffic circle at the intersection of Aleja Generała Jerzego Ziętka and Aleja Leśna. The current image from the camera is available on the external website.

The DRON is a coamara-shaped sculpture equipped with a camera for online video transmission. It shows how thanks to Internet applications we constantly present what we do and at the same time watch what others do. It illustrates how through the Internet we control and are controlled by the Internet.

DRON is used to watch, peep, observe, monitor and control. DRON is a work of art, which the viewer – observer, is also the object of observation.


What does “freedom” mean to you?