“The ring”

Artist: Norbert Radermacher, Potsdamer Brücke, Berlin (Photo: Barbara Stachira, 20.11.2018)

Public art „Der Ring“ (The ring), created in 1985 by the artist Norbert Radermacher. It’s a part of his theme „Stücke für Städte“ (Picies for cities), installed at the Potsdamer Brücke in Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany. The bridge, new built in 1968 and a part of the Potsdamer Straße, is crossing the Landwehrkanal (canal).

(Quelle: Wikipedia)


A ring can be a sign of wealth, love, but also in a symbolic sense a sign of belonging or a circle formed around something/someone by some objects or people. There are such expressions as Ring of Fire (referring to the seismic and volcanic zone in the Pacific Ocean) associated mainly with natural disasters). The ring also includes refugees on the Polish/Belarusian border, surrounded on one side by Belarusian and on the other by Polish forces. It is on this border that a catastrophe of humanity is taking place, allegedly carried out in our Polish name. I want – in memory of our ancestors, who were once driven out of their safe homes by the turmoil of war or political repression and forced to seek shelter outside the country – to say loudly and clearly: all those who refuse other people in need of basic assistance such as bread, water and a roof over their heads, those who contribute to their death from hypothermia, starvation and disease just near the Polish border – are BARBARISANTS and are not worthy of the name of Poles.