“Rabbit of Dürer”

IMG_3642_Krolik DureraNuremberg, Germany (Photo: Anna Maria Patané, 03.02.2018)

The above sculpture is located at Tiergartenplatz in Nuremberg opposite the house of the Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer. It depicts a hare – one of the most famous watercolours of master Albrecht Dürer is the ‘Field Hare’, also known as the ‘Hare’ or ‘Young’, probably best known for all of Dürer’s natural studies, which were created in 1502.


This year, due to the coronovirus pandemic, I do not spend (like many of you) Easter with my whole family. Although I miss them very much, their safety is paramount. Let’s be good to each other. Not only because of Easter, not only during a pandemic – just like that every day. Such a small thing like helping an elderly neighbor with her shopping, give up a place on the train/bus/tram for an elderly or disabled man or a pregnant woman doesn’t cost much, but their smile of gratitude can give a sunshine for the whole day. Let’s share the good and take care of nature.