dsc_04232                             Artist: Martin Matschinsky, Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff, Property of the Federal Country of Berlin, Germany (Photo: Alicja Molenda, 15.04.2016)

Bundles of steel rods welded together from individual elements are the trademark of this pair of sculptors. This special technique, developed by these artists, allows them to move even massive volumes freely in space. Occasionally, they seem to escape the pull of gravity. They always inspire associations with growth, especially natural growth. Such associations stand in tense contrast with the material of which they are made: nickel-chromium steel. With the changing daylight, a rich display of colours arises on the surface, again tightening the relationship of the sculpture to the natural world. “Dreiheit” reminds one not only a group of trees, but also subtly recalls the drama of Golgotha.

Nickel-chromium steel
600 x 300 x 300 cm
Property of the Federal Country of Berlin, acquired in 2000 with funds of the Berlin lottery foundation and deposited at the Berlinische Galerie, State Museum of Modern Art, Photography, and Architecture

(source: https://www.berlinischegalerie.de/en/museum-berlin/art-city-space/martin-und-brigitte-matschinsky-denninghoff-dreiheit/)


Does today the drama of Calvary encourage anyone to reflection on themselves and their own behavior?