“Phallic Rock”

Kharkhorin, Province Övörkhangai, Mongolia (Photo: Orgil Oogil, 13.06.2016)

Kharkhorin Rock, also Kharkarin Rock or Phallic Rock, is a large statue of a penis raised on a platform on the steppe, located near Erdene Zuu Monastery (part of the World Heritage Site entitled Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape) in Kharkhorin, Övörkhangai Province of Mongolia. The phallic rock statue has dual functions; primarily it is a reminder to the monks to remain celibate, but it is also a symbol of fertility and human life.A 60-centimetre (24 in) long stone statue is located near Kharkhorin.

Legend states that a monk who had vowed to be celibate had turned out to be a womanizer. As punishment he was castrated to remind him of his vows of celibacy. As a warning to the other inmate monks of the monastery, a rock in the shape of a penis was prominently engraved as a stone phallus called “Kharkhorin Rock” within walking distance from the monastery, to remind them that they should not be indulging in any sexual activity with the local women.

(source: Wikipedia)


In today’s Poland it is more difficult to find those who can perform castration than those who should be castrated  as punishment for breaking the vows of celibacy. Not to mention those who are living in voluntary celibacy and should be able to see every day, from the their villa’s windows, such statue with the inscription “From the Nation to its Self-appointed Savior.”