“Art in public space is a hallmark of democracy” (eg., Piotr Piotrowski, d. 05.03.2015))
This blog was created on my author’s initiative to present the topic about arts in democracy within projects carried out by a group of activists and supporters of democracy. My goal here was to  perpetuate the artistic objects as well as street virtuosos in public spaces. Sculptures made by contemporary artists, constructions, installations, murals, such as graffiti, and musicians performing in front of art galleries, on the streets, squares, railway stations, airports or buildings often cause hot debates. This kind of art can win supporters and opponents. Because of such artists there art  became accepted as a part of the landscape and are beginning to become an integral part of it. This testifies, that as a society we can accept and appreciate the diversity of the world with all its values. Every such an artistic work is proof of the respect for someone’s (different) vision of the world, a different aesthetic pattern, values, beauty, sense.

My name is Gosia and cordially invite you on a journey around the world seen with the eyes of the well and less known artists.


 *The content presented on the blog is protected by copyright and may not be subject to resale or distribution in any form. Attempts to use the name of the author of the blog and appropriation / changing its name to promote other journalistic, educational or social initiatives / projects by individuals or groups without the consent of the author of this blog is a violation of copyright laws and good customs.

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