“I do not look down…”

IMG_2883 (1)IMG_2882Sopot (next to the Georgian restaurant), Poland (Photo Arkadiusz Lewandowski, 10.2016)

“Something pulls us down to the ground
Fo the slightest mistake.
We pay with the things the world has given us.
How to move on from here?

I do not look down
At the tenuous rope I hold on to your hands
And wise words.
Do not look down,
Because I believe
That we’ve got a strength
To go ahead
Go ahead
Go ahead
Go ahead

Go, and don’t let them break you
Don’t you ever stop, keep going
Be invincible,
A tenuous thread we’re stepping on
was woven for us
Below us odds multipled
Go on ahead
Do not look down.”

(“I do not look down” Natalia Szroeder, Liber Feat)


October 3, 2017 – “Black Tuesday” – Be invincible! Never stop, go!