“The Hans Otto Theater”

Hans Otto Theater -Potsdam 094.JPGArchitect: Gottfried Böhm, Potsdam, Germany (Photo. Gosia Głowacka, 03.05.2014)

The architect, winner of Pritzker Prize, Gottfried Böhm designed a five-story theater building with cupped, cantilevered roofs. The dominant materials are: concrete, glass and steel . A landmarked gasometer was integrated into the building.On the side of the Deep Lake is a historic mill next to the theater; today it houses a restaurant.

The Hans Otto Theater, Potsdam´s new stage house, which is part of the cultural meeting place and business centre on Schiffsbauergasse, exudes an enormous architectural appeal. Worth mentioning is the theatre´s unique location right by the shore of Tiefer See, which offers the right kind of framework for spectacles and plays with the theatre’s ensemble, as well as for musical guest performances, readings or representative events and occasions. The theatre’s ensemble also performs at the Reithalle A on Schiffbauergasse, a venue of the theatre mainly for children and youth, and at the historic palace theatre in the New Palace of Potsdam Sanssouci.


“Good theater is not only a question about resources, but above all, it is engagement of artists” (Kazimierz Kord, “Zycie Warszawy”, February 2, 2006)

The great words of praise are nothing compared to the work of Krystyna Janda and her contribution to the development of Polish culture. Without people like Mrs. Janda Polish culture would be completely forgotten giving way to common mediocrity.

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