Tossa de Mar  072.jpgRoundabout in Tossa de Mar (Photo:Gosia Glowacka, 06.05.2012)

Octopus giant leads predatory lifestyle. It eats clams, crabs, fish and squid. It has a lot of defensive precautions, such as produced by itself sepia, camouflage, poison or high speed.

Individuals of this species live up to 5 years. They lead solitary life on an area of about 5 square kilometers


President of one party, is like an octopus and surrounded himself by lots of caricatures of all kinds of molluscs / Misiaks. Allowing fatten them under his “gracious” eye, he smacks pleased while thinking about who will be swallowed the next day for breakfast. Taking under consideration the fact, that these Misiaks have supernatural gluttony, the president of this party can have after this breakfast a huge indigestion leading to political death. And there is the only hope that this will happen faster than – as in the case of octopus giant – after 5 years.

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